Il Mottolo

The Winery


The winery was set up in 2003 when the shared passion for wine has made 2 friends, Sergio Fortin and Roberto dalla Libera, join the forces. They decided to buy 11 hectares of land in the wonderful scenario of the Euganeous Hills: 5.5 dedicated to the winery and the other ones to the olive trees and the broom.

It was the beginning of an adventure that might have been an hazard  but the love for n in the cave. Respect for  the nature, with the help of a great commitment, has brought his fruits in few years reaching a qualitative level that is more and more appreciated by the consumers.

The idea at the basis of our work is quality, we aim to very low outputs, preceeded by an accurate work in the vineyard to intervene the least in the cellar.

Respect for the surrounding environment is the primary ingredient of our wines which are an integral part of this wonderful territory and witness the vitality of a unique habitat.

“Our wish is to pass on the image of th wines of territory, fruit of the accurate work done in the vineyards.”